Hola, soy un estudiante Erasmus

by leighcburrows

So today was my first day at school and as first days go I felt very optimistic. We had a two and a half hour class with 3rd year students in Contemporary techniques. From the beginning I became very aware that despite it being our first day, classes would still be quick paced and spoken mainly in Spanish. I was relieved by this as I wanted to get the full Spanish dance school experience but then part of me was panic stricken as I attempted to keep up with the exercises. In one sense, I was thankful when I made it to the end of class, but I also wanted to do it again purely for the challenge it had given me. So it was a day of very mixed emotions.

I noticed that I felt lost without being able to hear the movement description as I saw it being demonstrated. In Falmouth, I am used to a constant narrative style to the teaching and learning of a phrase, which helps you to put a name to the movement you are doing. It acts like a rhythm or chant which I can repeat and use to keep in time and do the movement in the correct order. Here there was also narrative, but in Spanish, which I found difficult to follow. I observed that I started creating my own rhythm and movement vocabulary in my head in order to be able to keep up with the others, which made me more determined to want to learn all the Spanish terminology used in class, so that I can follow along with the other students.

So, after having had only one lesson I have already realised quite a significant thing about myself and how I prefer to learn movement. I have realised that for at least the beginning of my time here I will have to be able to learn through pure observation and slight snippets of language which I might recognise along the way. Although this is not how I would normally learn, I feel that change is good and only positive things could come from this new approach to learning.