by leighcburrows


This morning I had an anatomy lesson with the 4th years. It was all in Spanish and the teacher explained that she didn’t speak much english. Therefore, I was quite apprehensive as it is only our first week at the school, so I don’t have much confidence with my spanish yet.
We were focusing on posture and how we stand, and we started with an activity in partners, adopting your partners walk. We had to observe all aspects of their walk like their feet positioning, how they use or don’t use their arms and their pelvis. The partner then left the situation and we had to continue walking around in their style. I found this very useful when watching my partner impersonate my walk as although a little exaggerated, I could get a rough idea of how I look to others when I walk and see where my posture may need to be amended or changed. We then did a full body manipulation with our partner to awaken parts of the body we should pay attention too when walking and standing; like the shoulder joint, pelvis, knees and feet. Then we tried the walking activity again but paying closer attention to any parts of our body where our posture was slightly incorrect or may need a little realigning.

Although I found the lesson difficult to follow because it was all in Spanish, it was really nice to work closely with students of the school and attempt to use my language skills. I also learnt anatomical words in spanish whilst discovering more about my alignment and posture. I enjoyed the class and would like to try and hold onto these notes about my posture for future lessons and further explore this when walking and standing.