Un momento para reflejar

by leighcburrows

This morning I took some time to reflect on how the first week of classes had gone. Overall, I feel very positive as I have really enjoyed my first week despite minor set backs such as Ballet. After the disheartening Ballet class we decided that we wanted to try again and joined another class straight after to see if it was any better. Luckily for us it was a small class with only 2 students and after talking to the teacher she said we could join in with her classes every week. I felt a lot more confident with a smaller number of people and the 2 girls were very helpful. The teacher took a little more time to explain the exercises and we were given plenty of feedback which I valued. So I left yesterday feeling a lot more positive about Ballet.


In contemporary I am looking forward to having another week of classes and next week we are hoping to find some Flamenco classes nearby as the ones at the Conservatoire are too advanced, as all of the pupils have trained in Spanish dance for many years. This weekend we have explored Valencia a little more, spending the majority of the weekend on the beach in the lovely Spanish sunshine. We also went to an Ultraviolet Erasmus party which was an experience meeting new people and attempting to hold conversations in Spanish. This night ended very late as everything in Spain goes on a lot later at night compared to England – not finishing until 6am!

But so far so good, I am enjoying my time here. Here goes another week of school, and a public holiday on Wednesday to celebrate ‘Día de la comunidad Valenciana’ which means street processions and fireworks!