Repertory – Trisha Brown

by leighcburrows

Today we attended Repertory class which followed on from Christine’s contemporary technique class. The class have been studying Trisha Brown in their theoretical classes and so they spend time in this Repertory class, which is once a week, working on the practical movement. We will be working on’Set and Reset’ by Trisha Brown for the next few weeks. Here’s a link to the vimeo video of the work.  Set and Reset – Trisha Brown

When doing a little more research into Trisha Brown, I found a video for a work named “Spanish Dance’ (1973). I watched the video on the Trisha Brown Dance company website at this link

This was a performance done by some alumnae of the company for Trisha Brown’s 75th Birthday. I like this work and it feels very fitting to where I am at right now in my thinking. I would like to be able to integrate my interest in Spanish Dance with my love for Contemporary as I don’t know of many artists that do this. This piece very subtly does this with the use of the iconic arm movement seen in Spanish dance, especially Flamenco. I will continue to look for other works that may integrate aspects of Spanish dance with other genres of dance.