Las acciónes

by leighcburrows

I realised today how much I am relying on the actions and facial expressions of others. Not knowing the language that well has meant that I have taken to looking at people in a lot more detail than I usually would, particularly when they are demonstrating movement. I have also noticed that I am now making a lot more eye contact with people when they talk to me, which before coming to Valencia made me feel very uncomfortable. It helps me to see their facial expressions and to try and see more clearly what they are saying in Spanish so I stand more of a chance of replying.

I also observe a lot of the other students and teachers’ body language and facial expressions, trying to see whether they are happy, sad, having a joke or giving some serious feedback to the class. I noticed that in Falmouth I very much rely on myself in class or asking the teacher for help but here I have noticed that I am looking at my class mates to try and copy them in movement I am unsure of.