Estoy cansada

by leighcburrows

Today I had 3 classes. First was contemporary techniques with Tony, then Veronicas technique class and then finally technique with Christine. Having been to Barcelona at the weekend and arriving back late last night, I felt very tired and introvert today. I felt quiet and in a world of my own, and it was a challenge to get out of bed. This made me think about possible ways in which I could channel this tired energy and turn it into a positive, in order to complete classes to the best of my ability. It is important as a dancer, to be able to deal with these feelings of lacking energy because you can’t just give up every time you feel a little tired. I decided that I would take the day to focus more on my inner self and try to really embody all of the exercises, working deeply with any niggles or sensations I was feeling. I noticed that in Veronicas class my knee and ankle alignment was not always correct so this was one thing I chose to focus my energy on. In Christine’s class we started with a partner manipulation task, I was manipulating first, so I used this to really concentrate not only on the construction of my partners skeleton but how each different part of the skeleton moved and how I may be able to feel this within my own body. Even though days when I am especially tired are difficult, there is something about these days that are very beneficial. It allows me the quiet time to focus in on my alignment or small sensations and to notice how I am doing within class. I can make minor adjustments and improvements which make a big different to my overall performance.