Ballet fue muy divertida!

by leighcburrows

A breakthrough! Okay, well maybe not much of one, but I felt much more confident and at ease in Ballet today. It was only very minor but to me it was significant. I felt like I was following barre work a lot better and relying a lot less on watching others around me to know what to do – I knew the exercises! I also received a lot of constructive feedback, which unlike other days where I have felt negative, I felt very positive and happy to know how to improve. Some points I need to work on:
~ Always point my toes in jumps, stretches and whenever my foot leaves the floor
~ Lift up through my knees – this will help to keep legs strong and grounded and also improve the strength in my legs. This should also improve keeping my knees straight as I have a tendency to soften my knees resulting in them bending.
~ When working on relevé I need to always be as high as I can onto my toes – don’t appear lazy by only rising a little. It also helps in pirouettes if I snap straight up onto a strong relevé rather than slowly rising as I turn
~ Always knees over toes. In plies work on sending the knees out at all times, never let them creep in. I really felt this today in technique, and if I keep remembering this it will strengthen my pliés

All in all a very optimistic outlook on Ballet!