Ballet Flamenco de Cecilia Gómez

by leighcburrows

Last night I went to the theatre in Colón to watch ‘Cupaima – homenaje a Chavela Vargas’ by Ballet Flamenco dephoto Cecilia Gómez. The piece consisted of a small group of dancers all trained in Flamenco dance. It is a tribute to the Costa-Rican born Mexican singer Isabel Vargas Lizano and consisted of 10 scenes each documenting an aspect of her life.

I really enjoyed watching the performance because I am so interested in Flamenco. Now I have started taking classes, it was good to see it being performed live. It showed the passion that Flamenco needs and also the strength. I also realised how entertaining it can be as at the end of the show after the bows there was another small section. The dancers had, what seemed like a dance off, at the front of the stage as entertainment. It was like a party with clapping and cheering and encouraging each other. After talking to our Flamenco teacher back in class she explained that it is part of a Flamenco performance when, at the end of a show, there is this section to show their technique and dancing skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and hope to be able to watch more. I feel like I have more of an understanding now into how Flamenco should look and make a person feel – the emotion and pride when performing it. I hope to be able to keep this image in my head and embody it more in my own Flamenco practise.