Necesito copiar

by leighcburrows

Today started with Contemporary techniques with Toni, and he started all new phrases. Through my attempt at learning these new sequences I realised just how much I have been relying on copying movement rather than listening to the Spanish description. He was teaching mainly through description of the movement and not really demonstrating it full out so I found it difficult to get the movement exact. I decided to try and listen to his instructions in Spanish and try and go from these too, but it was difficult because of my limited understanding and the speed in which he speaks at in spanish. I also took this opportunity to really take what I already knew about technique and movement to help me get the most from the exercises.

We normally split into two groups when performing the phrases so we have enough room, so I went in the second group in order to be able to run through the movement. I observed the other girls and tried to focus on any points I had difficulty with. I also tried to listen out to any corrections he was shouting throughout their run through so that I could try to embody these myself.

Another thing I noticed today is how much we dance in socks here at the Conservatoire. Most classes require socks because of the friction from the floor in turns and slides and class is very difficult without them. But in Falmouth we rarely dance in socks, they are just there to warm-up with. I am not sure whether it is having any implication on my performance, or whether at this moment in time it is just a general observation I have noticed.