Estoy enferma…

by leighcburrows

The last few days I have come down with a cold and chest cough and so after going into class Tuesday and Wednesday, I took Thursday and Friday off. I revised my Spanish, went to the pharmacy for cough mixture and a big box of tissues and camped out in our flat with hot honey and lemon.

It took a lot for me to allow myself the time off as I have a tendency to think it is wrong to give in and rest. I like to try and keep going and see it as a challenge if I feel ill. However, I decided it was in my best interest to take time out, hopefully in order to have a quick recovery. I realised that being here, in a foreign country, it is even more important to look after myself and listen to when my body needs rest. We are doing so many more hours of practical class a week here, and the heat being an added factor, that being ill seemed like so much more of a struggle. Class felt harder and I felt exhausted. Today I decided to miss class again, in order to rest up and do some of my blog. Part of me felt a real sense of guilt and then I remembered that this whole experience is supposed to benefit me and not result in me pushing myself too far. I hope that the extra few days of rest and a long weekend will be enough to have me feeling a lot more myself on Monday. My parents also come to visit for 5 days on Sunday – Talk about perfect timing! So lots of TLC and family time coming up can surely only mean my cold doesn’t stick around too long. I only took two days off and already miss dance classes!

This did make me realise though that however hard it is, we really do have to be realistic about how we feel and true to ourselves. It is all well and good appearing strong to others and pushing yourself through class, but it is only you who will pay for the exhaustion in the end. Not only could it make you feel worse continuing but could cause injury if you are too tired or concentration is not at its best.  Sometimes a few days rest will leave you a lot better off than doing some more long term damage resulting in missing a lot more dance in the future due to injury or exhaustion.