Café del Duende

by leighcburrows

IMG_3621Last night I went to Café del Duende to see an evening of Flamenco dance and music. My Flamenco teacher Marta Sol was performing which is how I heard about the performance and I am so glad that I went.

It was amazing to see the passion and emotion that goes into such an intimate performance and the setting was authentic and personal. The cafe was only small but it felt like such a friendly setting with everyone supporting and enjoying the performers work. It was nice to see such a private performance after I had watched the Flamenco show at the theatre last week, because there was such a difference in atmosphere. Both felt celebratory and entertaining but because of the proximity of this performance I could feel the raw honesty of the performers. It was also lovely to see my teacher perform, acting as inspiration for me in my future classes. One thing I have found with Flamenco is that it is something you can’t fake. If your aren’t feeling the emotions it is very hard to convince the audience otherwise. You can see from watching the performers how raw and real their performance is, and as an audience member you can’t help but be touched by this.

I throughly enjoyed the performance which included a male and female dancer, a guitarist, singer and percussionist. It also made me aware of just how much the arts are used in Spain for celebratory occasions and enjoyment. They are accessible almost everywhere and there is always something going on. I like this idea as the arts act as such a therapy for many people to escape to and enjoy. I love this aspect of the Spanish culture and their appreciation for traditional activities such as dance and singing.