Mis padres están aqui!

by leighcburrows

Yesterday my parents landed in Valencia and they are staying until Friday afternoon. I was so excited to see them, and I hope I can show them a lot of what Valencia has to offer in the short time they are here.

It felt strange to see them in Valencia initially as everything here is so different from what I am used to in Solihull and Falmouth, and it just seems normal to see them on Skype! It got me thinking about familiarity and how we find moments of comfort in such a bizarre and unfamiliar situation. It could be an item of clothing, a song, a Skype session or a TV programme. Something this simple could provide that bit of home comfort and familiarity you may need when in a new place. I didn’t realise until I actually saw my parents how I must have missed them and how reassuring it would be to see them here.

This idea also got me thinking about how everything we do may link and relate – be that things in one country to another or learning in one situation and another. I couldn’t feel further away from university and what awaits me back in Falmouth in January whilst I am living here. Yet, somehow I need to start thinking about how what I am discovering and doing here will relate to my practises back at University. How do we link different aspects of our work? How do we logically think about our feelings and findings to find our own pathway and interest within the world of dance and in general life? All questions I have been thinking about and developing lately.