Usa tus ojos

by leighcburrows

First off today was Flamenco class with Marta. I really enjoyed the class and felt a definite improvement from the previous week. Some of the foot sequences which I had struggled with seemed to feel more natural and relaxed today. I feel more aware of where my weight should be in order to make the steps easier. I need to keep revising the rhythms though so that they are in my head and muscle memory. Marta says that if you know them in your head your feet will know what to do whereas at the moment I am definitely thinking a lot with my feet. I have been filming Marta when she is demonstrating for my own revision.

Then I had a 2 and a half hour class at school with Toni. We started with stretches which I always like as it gives me new ways I can stretch in my own time. We went through the usual exercises but in smaller groups to have more space. I also got given advice to use my eyes more in the exercise especially if he has choreographed it this way. It is part of the exercise and also helps to improve your performance skills, so I will work on this more tomorrow.