Una nueva semana

by leighcburrows

Today was a day for pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I went to class on my own for the first time as my housemates were not able to come. One is in in England visiting family and one is poorly. I decided it would be good for me as it was a challenge and it would be a taster of how it would have felt if I had come on an Erasmus alone. It was also a good way to test how I would feel in class without the security of my two English dance friends from Falmouth.

First was technique class with Toni and there were not many of us there, only 8, so I enjoyed this class as it felt small and supportive of each other. We went through the exercises a few times, with added comments about technique and how we should be in certain positions. Toni gave me some really valuable feedback about one of the exercises today saying ‘You dance well within your own space, and this is good, but now I want you to dance well outside of your own space. Use more of the space and travel.’
This is something I have been aware of for a while as I have a tendency not to push myself further than I feel is safe for me, in fear of falling or going off balance. Therefore, I need to try and work on this and keep it in my head for future lessons. I need to push myself without fear of the unknown as this is how we as humans grow and mature; I just need to let myself explore outside of my normal safety zone. There is a quote, from Anthony Robbins an American author,
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten” and today I realised how relevant this is. In anything in life, there is a necessity to constantly further and improve who you are and what you do and the only way to do this is to expand on what you have always done so it can grow, becoming bigger and better. Especially for a dancer, you grow up learning new styles and trying new things out and I feel like in my case as I have got older I have developed this fear of pushing myself further which I did not have so much when I was younger. So now I challenge myself to go that extra mile in every class and try to get every last bit out of every exercise – and then see where it gets me!