Necesito estar mas fuerte

by leighcburrows

This morning I had Flamenco class and I throughly enjoyed it. We started with our warm up into the class and then moved onto the ‘Silencio’ section. We worked on this idea of remaining strong ‘fuerte’ in your performance and to own your own body. For example, at the beginning of this section the movement is just isolated to our right arm and most of us were performing this without even watching our arm. Marta explained that in Flamenco you should be proud of your body and for example, in this movement watch your hand as you perform the movement. – after all it is your hand so why not acknowledge this and show it off?

She also spoke about the qualities of Flamenco which I found really helpful. She talked about how all of the different points we are told about in lesson like your arm position, strength of your foot work and the way in which you hold your body acts like a puzzle. They are all the pieces which come together to form the Flamenco dancer. Marta also discussed how you want to feel weighted, almost like a sumo wrestler. No, she didn’t mean imagine you are very large, but have this sense of fullness and strength from within and hold onto this sensation in your movement.

I really felt a connection with this and it was a concept I could connect with having never done Flamenco before and not knowing how it should feel. I have a tendency to be very upright and rigid in my Flamenco classes because of my other dance training in Contemporary and Ballet, but I am going to try and hold on to this imagery for the future lessons.