Apretòn de manos

by leighcburrows

Sometimes in class we receive feedback and improvements in Spanish as well as English which can be difficult to understand. Today was one of those days. We had Contemporary techniques with Toni before a Ballet class at 12.
Toni was teaching year 1 today to cover for another teacher but we decided to go along and practice his class anyway. It was really beneficial to revise some of the exercises, to check  I was doing them correctly and also to improve upon my current performance. I noticed myself, Lucy and Eilidh were being given a lot of feedback when executing the exercises in small groups and I feel this may have been because he knew we already had knowledge of the exercises from his third year class. I found this very useful as I like to know how to develop and improve upon exercises.

When running through one exercise Toni spent the whole phrase stood in front of me shouting various points and words of encouragement. The music was on and I was struggling to hear what he was saying and some comments were also in Spanish. I started to worry about whether I was doing what he was asking or whether he was shouting ways in which I needed to perform better. I noticed this started to affect my performance but when it came to the end of the exercise he smiled and put out his hand for a handshake ‘apretòn de manos’. He said Well done and that it was a good run through of the exercise. It was a moment of relief and also achievement as it was the reassurance I needed to know I was doing okay and understanding the exercises. It was a simple gesture but one that provided me with encouragement and confidence, as class can be confusing at times when comments are made in Spanish and I am sometimes unsure of how I am actually doing!