Cantar y bailar

by leighcburrows

This morning I had Flamenco class with Marta Sol. In class today she talked a lot about relying on your subconscious part of your brain, which she named ‘Antonio’. She was explaining how “‘Antonio’ knows what to do so trust in him and he will do it” . Flamenco can be so fast paced that you don’t always have time to think about each individual footstep, but to think more of the general rhythm and pattern. She also said how you need to be able to sing and know the rhythm first before your feet can do it because if it’s not in your head, then it definitely won’t be in your feet. I realised how true this was when I started to hum the rhythm as I was practising the footsteps.
Flamenco requires you to be relaxed and grounded so that your feet can move swiftly and freely, whilst keeping your body strong. Through singing and knowing the phrases using sounds, it can help to recall them quicker and as the tempo of a phrase speeds up it can help to keep the panic away, as you do less thinking with your head and more doing with your feet. I am going to use the videos I have recorded from classes as revision material. I will watch them back whilst trying to hum or sing the rhythm, and then attempt this with the feet swell. I will be interested to see how this may or may not affect my performance in class.