¡Me siento mal!

by leighcburrows

Over the weekend I started to get another cold and I must have been tired after a bad nights sleep because I slept straight through my alarm this morning. I woke up feeling exhausted and decided to miss class. I was frustrated as I have already been ill and missed some classes but part of me felt too tired to worry. It turned out that for second class the teacher was away so I didn’t miss as much as I thought.

I felt a little better this evening after rest and lots of sleep so myself and Eilidh went to Flamenco to catch up from a class we both missed a few weeks ago. It felt a very swift class moving from one phrase to the next quite quickly. I felt I benefited from this as it gave me a little less time to worry or over think the movement. I noticed I was using the rhythms a lot more and was subconsciously humming the patterns in my head. This helped me to relax and enjoy the class as the foot steps were coming a lot more naturally to me. However, I learnt that I need to focus on taking smaller steps in any travelling sequence. I have a tendency to over stretch my step when it is sufficient to step within my own comfort zone. Marta explained this to me by tying her scarf around my thighs to keep them closer together – not only did this help to shorten my steps but it also helped me to feel strength and control in my legs – something I may have to practise with at home!