Mucho Flamenco

by leighcburrows

So tonight I had my third and final Flamenco class of the week, having done a class Monday evening and Tuesday morning. I have noticed that throughout these 3 consecutive days of Flamenco the repeated phrases have felt a little easier and more relaxed and I think this has a lot to do with the continual practise I have been getting.

On Tuesday morning we went through the ‘Silencio’ phrase (A phrase with no loud foot rhythms) and learnt some new footwork. Marta made a good point to the class about an advantage that we may have being English, and not fully understanding all of what she says. She said how we have to listen a lot more to the rhythm and counts as we cannot fully understand the descriptions in Spanish, and that this would benefit us because we don’t think so much, but rely more on listening instead. I can relate to this a lot as I find myself humming the rhythm rather than speaking the name for the movement. We received many pointers to remember as a class, which were very similar to points that she repeated in tonights class too. These were:
– Don’t bend your knees – Pull up through your knees and keep a strong pelvis/torso
– Keep your steps small and controlled
– Keep a steady rhythm and don’t rush ahead of the beat, part of it is listening to the accompaniment and dancing in time with this
– Be very clear with footwork and differentiate between the types when necessary: Stamp ‘Golpe‘, Heel ‘Tacon‘ and Toe ‘Planta‘. Also keep the footwork ‘Fuerte’ (Strong)!

I have really enjoyed my Flamenco classes this week and feel confident in my improvements, even though they are only small. We also got asked to the Flamenco Christmas party which we want to go to and the theme is ‘Flamenco christmas wear’. Everyone brings some food and drink along – we may try and bring some traditional english food – and hopefully it will be an enjoyable night for everyone and will get us into the Christmas spirit!