Un día muy ocupado

by leighcburrows

Wednesday is always the busy day for us at school. We have a technique class with Toni, then one with Veronica, Ballet with Marina and finally a class with Christine. I am still feeling quite under the weather and full of cold so I found today a struggle, but it also feels like a small achievement that I made it to class and managed to participate in them all.
In Toni’s the emphasis was on travelling and covering ground. He was saying how you need to move swiftly without stopping and starting your movement, in order to create flow and to easily travel through space.
In Veronicas class we worked on all of the phrases we have been doing since we started here in order to perfect them for the exam next Monday. It was a time to ask questions, query where we found difficulty and to observe others and the way they do the exercises. There is a constant emphasis on keeping the arms and shoulder joint open and free in this class, as well as opening up the back.
In Ballet class I focused on working through my feet, which Marina noticed an improvement in. We also worked on pulling up through the knees as a class so that we never have a bent knee. This helps in Pliés and balances on a rise as it keeps the leg strong. I also had a point of feedback to always keep my knees out and use my turn out as much as I can in Pliés. I can already feel the improvement of the strength within my legs in Ballet and making a conscious effort to do this will increase this further. One thing Marina noticed is the improvement in my use of spotting when turning in the centre, however this is something I need to work on at the barre.
Finally we had Christine’s class, which was just myself Eilidh and Lucy, as a lot of the school students were on strike, over the ongoing problem of the changes the government are making to the education system in Spain. Christine therefore decided to do a class just for us with some floor exercises and then a couple of new phrases. One thing she did say, which has stuck with me is this idea of energy when we move. She said ‘Don’t wait for energy. Take it with you as you move‘. She was describing this idea of keeping a continual flow through your movement, similar to Toni in his class. Christine also works a lot with the head/pelvis connection and this constant pull of opposites. She was saying to always be aware of the top of the head and the slight pull upwards and out, and then the weight of the sacrum. I found this class very beneficial to have some feedback and more personal time with the teacher. Christine also asked us if we would like to present some of what we do at University to her students. We could give a little presentation, in Spanish if we can, and then show some work or phrases we do. I think it can be hard sometimes, because of the language barrier, to keep up in class here, and so I sometimes feel a lot worse than their students. However, showing them something I feel very comfortable in is a nice way to show them what we can do too. It may also be interesting for them to learn more about us and the university we attend in England.

Now off to rest before Flamenco to finish off my long day!