¡No saltas como estas saltando en la cocina!

by leighcburrows

Today we had Toni’s technique class for an hour before Ballet. We worked on the new exercises as Toni added extra pointers and words of improvement. Near to the end of the class we worked on a jumping and travelling sequence across the room. Toni made a comment ‘Don’t jump like you are jumping in the kitchen’ which is ‘¡No saltas como estas saltando en la cocina!’ (Hence the title to this post!). He was referring to how much we travel and utilise the space when we jump, but this phrase bought up many thoughts for me. First, it reminded me of when I actually did used to attempt to practise in my kitchen at home because I never had much space to rehearse in my house. It made me realise as dancers that actually studio space is precious and we are very lucky to have a space to rehearse, so we need to use this to our full advantage. It also made me think how the space here and in Falmouth differs. Here the studios are a lot smaller in general, yet the students seem to travel and use space well in their exercises. The class size is a lot smaller but in relation to the studio space, it is still quite cramped. Finally it made me think about my own use of space. I tend to stay in my own space, as Toni has told me before, and I need to constantly be thinking about using more space and going beyond the space around me and within my own kinaesphere. I need to take my energy and move through space with ease and fluidity. 

After Toni’s class we had Ballet for an hour and a half. Recently I have been feeling very positive in Ballet but today, feeling a little ill still, I found myself getting very frustrated. I have reached a point where I feel impatient with my body and its limitations. I need to improve my turn out, massively improve my flexibility and also the use of my head in ballet. It feels so much that today I just felt overwhelmed and like I may never get there. But then I remembered that every small step leads to bigger improvements. And I have to keep remembering this when I have these negative thoughts. In the world of dance nothing comes easily and in life I believe hard work will always be rewarded somewhere along the line. All of this training and frustration I have now will eventually build up to bigger improvements, it will just take time, optimism and a lot of patience on my behalf.