Saludos de Navidad

by leighcburrows

Christmas is slowly approaching and here in Valencia there is finally some signs that winter is well and truly on its way. Unlike England, where it hits November 1st and it’s Christmas everywhere, Valencia seems to have held out for an extra couple of weeks. Finally though, the lights are on, grottos are being set up and advent calendars are hitting the shelves, and although it feels very far away from winter with the blue skies and still average temperatures, I am starting to finally get excited.
I leave Valencia in a couple of weeks to spend Christmas back in England so we have decided that as a flat, our last week here will consist of a Christmas dinner and christmas shopping. We will attend the market in Colón and hopefully get all festive ready for England. I speak to a lot of friends and family back home and already know the Coca-cola advert has been on many times and that the new John Lewis advert is a hit. It’s strange, as here there is not such a big hype, yet Christmas still feels like a big celebration and I know from my A-level Spanish studies, that Christmas is an important religious occasion here in Spain too. It made me realise the extent that Christmas has been commercialised in England! Still, I am looking forward to enjoying some festive cheer and will post more pictures up soon!