Repertory – Nacho Duato

by leighcburrows

Today I had contemporary technique classes – first with Toni, then an assessed class on what we have done so far with Veronica and then a class with Christine. After Christine’s technique class we stayed for her repertory class as she is starting work on a new piece. The piece that we are studying now is ‘Sueños de Éter’ by Nacho Duato. Christine was in the piece, which she performed in 2005 in Valencia  Teatro Principal. Here as a link about the piece
from when it was performed. In this link he describes how he was inspired to choreograph the piece about a close friend he knew who was dying.
The piece consists of 8 dancers on stage with music by Marcel Landowski. We are learning some of the rep taught to us by Christine, which includes the use of pillow as a prop. We started it today and worked on the precise timing of the opening canon section as well as re-watching the beginning of the piece on DVD.