by leighcburrows

Today in Flamenco Marta used imagery in order to help us incorporate our arms and feet together. The footsteps are quite intricate so I struggled to add the arms because I was thinking so hard about my feet. For one phrase, Marta used the image of a witch stirring a cauldron to help us with the direction and movement style of the arms. I immediately noticed, when repeating the phrase, that it felt clearer and easier in my mind and also helped me to focus less intensely on my legs. I found a quote “In contrast, when a person imagines a movement without voluntary muscular effort, an optimal reorganization can occur subcortically. This observation opened the door to using the imagination to effortlessly deactivate hypertonic muscles” (Imagery, Movement, and the Dynamic Dance of Life, Keith Grant) which discusses the importance and benefits of using imagery when dancing. It says how imagery can create muscle movement of the smallest level but helps us to visualise how to do something, making the task easier. I will try to use imagery more in Flamenco and perhaps other technique classes, to see how this affects my coordination and the speed at which I pick up movement.