Desalmados – Ananda Dansa

by leighcburrows

Desalmado nm   (el que no siente compasión) — Heartless adj (Doesn’t feel compassion)

Tonight I watched ‘Desalmados’ by Ananda Dansa which I heard about through my contemporary dance teacher Toni Aparisi, who is Choreographer and Dancer in the company. The theatre, Sala Rufassa, was quite small which made the performance personal, with dancers and audience in close proximity to one another. The stage was arranged with 4 sided frames spaced around it. Some were hanging from wire and would later move within the performance. 3 were mobile to move around and pick up, as the dancers also did in the performance. They were used to hide with, go inside, move around the space and create props in which to create movement with. There was 3 dancers, 2 females and a male. They worked solo and in duets with moments of strong unison. From the programme I translated that the piece was “a show that searches to pass on peace, excitement, bravery and courage through the language of dance”. The piece is about a call for change. It highlights the fear in society nowadays and calls for its audiences to overcome that fear; A journey of optimism and self confidence (Notes from AnandaDansa company website From my research into Spain I feel this performance could be influenced by the current crisis in the country. Even from my time studying here there have been protests about the education cuts and in the news about strike and protests relating to all of the changes the government are making, which don’t seem to benefit a lot of the citizens of Spain. There is a very limited amount of money meaning cuts in education, health and other sectors are having a huge impact on the country.

I thought the piece was  emotive as the dancers expression and body language portrayed moments of thought, sadness and joy. The dancers had very strong technique and a strong relationship as a company and it was enjoyable to watch throughout. 









The programme and the stage set design before the start of the performance (Poor quality photo but you can just make out the frames on stage)