¡Me Copia!

by leighcburrows

In Flamenco this evening we worked on all of the sequences one after the other. This is something we have never done in class before as we usually just focus on one or two sequences. It felt good to do them consecutively as it made me realise the extent of my learning in such a short space of time. We worked on the use of space again today and performed one phrase in a line to help us remember the changes in direction and to also limit the space available, preventing us from overusing space. The line also helped us to keep more in time as a class when performing the phrases. Marta also spoke a lot today about embodying Flamenco and how as a class we need to incorporate the style of Flamenco with our movement more. We need to observe how she moves and try to copy this in order to understand how it should feel. I will try to observe the way in which Marta moves when I return in January to see if I can worry less about perfecting the movement and more about embodying the movement that I do know and working on feeling the style within my own body. This will aid in improving my muscle memory and help the process of adding this new movement style to my current dance vocabulary.