Más energía..

by leighcburrows

In Toni’s class today something he said really stuck in my head. He was speaking about how the class performs the technique phrases each day with similar energy and drive. He said how it is important that we add more life and interest and never stop pushing ourselves further, to keep our performance interesting. It is good practise, particularly as a dance performance student, to constantly be practising skills such as energy, interest and stamina to enhance not only physical technique but performance skills. Toni was saying how there should always be effort in your movement and variety or as an audience member it would be boring to watch. You can do movement correctly, but what also matters a great deal is the energy you add to the performance of set choreography. I know from my own experience and evaluating my own performance in class, that I can become very complacent with repeating the exercises day in day out, without giving much thought to pushing further and improving upon them. I think it takes a lot of concentration and drive to think about this every class but it is something that would really benefit me as a dancer. I think that it needs to be more of a focus for my training next year, to work more on my energy and risk and to push myself further every day, in the hope of seeing significant changes and improvements within my own practise.