Mas flamenco

by leighcburrows

Yesterday and today I had my two Flamenco classes of the week. In Tuesdays class we were the only ones in the class so we worked on individual feedback from Marta and she gave a personalised class to help us embody the style of Flamenco. She spoke about Alma, the soul in Spanish, and how we need to work with our energy inside our body whilst keeping it centred and strong. We worked on a task set by Marta;
We imagined we had a ball of energy placed by our belly button and it was our favourite colour. On every inhale we would breathe in more of this favourite colour, filling our body, and exhale to get rid of any bad energy and bad colours. This energy ball then split in half to contain water which we had to keep contained within the 2 halves. This meant keeping movement controlled and exact rather than throwing movement away and not making a conscious effort to hold your centre. This not only made me feel stronger but my posture improved as I stood up straighter, felt less hunched and more open at the sternum.  Another thing Marta said, which helped me, was to always be aware of where this energy is. If the energy is in your sternum or chest, which I tend to think about a lot, you often move your arms more and have more control over the upper than the lower body. If you move this energy lower to the tummy you have more control over all of your limbs. I have been trying to keep this imagery and inner feeling in other lessons and Toni has noticed an improvement in the use of my legs in his contemporary classes already.

On Wednesday we worked on the Alegria and Silencio, continuing to feel this energy ball and control that Flamenco should have. I felt a definite change in my posture and strength as a Flamenco dancer and will continue to work on this imagery.