Flamenco y Pilates

by leighcburrows

This morning I had Flamenco class in which we worked on the Alegria and Silencio phrase to start with. Marta spoke about the use of performance skills and your facial expression to show your true feelings to the audience. I know that this is something that I need to work on as a performer, to not be afraid of showing my emotion as a dancer and to worry less about what other people think of me.

We then learnt a new Tango phrase which is about fun, party and joking. It is a serious dance which, with respect, has fun with the audience members. It is always in counts of 4 but this can be varied with speed and rhythm depending on the choreography. We filmed the Silencio and Alegria and will film the Tango and Letras tomorrow night.

This evening I also went to try out a Pilates class at the gym we pass on the way home from University. It was really difficult as the teacher didn’t demonstrate much and she spoke all in Spanish, with no knowledge of English. I enjoyed the challenge as it made me think really hard about what she was saying and I picked up what she was saying better than I expected. We worked on basic core work and strength and there is another class Thursday which we will attend as I enjoyed the challenge and managed to follow the class well. I like the challenge of a completely Spanish speaking class and I am finding teachers at school speak less English now as we have been here a while and are learning a lot of class and dance terminology.