Estoy muy feliz

by leighcburrows

This week I feel as though I have made significant progress in terms of my understanding of how I can improve. After speaking to Toni my contemporary teacher before Christmas, we discussed improvements and things I could work on. One thing that we discussed was concentrating on the use of my legs as they are under extended at the knees. This is something that I have been aware of and have decided to focus particularly on my core strength; like we practised with Marta in the energy ball exercise (Mas Flamenco January 8th 2014). This has therefore been helping me to have more control and focus over my legs and I have been a lot more concentrated on straightening and stretching my legs and pushing through the floor. In last nights Flamenco class we worked on Alegria and we finished the piece to music. I was concentrating more on my performance as Marta has discussed this a lot and she praised me on this which felt very encouraging.

In lesson today we went over class phrases with Toni concentrating on pushing through the floor and flow of energy in order to remain strong and fluid. We also worked on this idea of using the music to create variety and interest even in the warm up technical phrases. I was pleased when Toni came up and mentioned that I was working very well in class lately as this is something that I have been making a very conscious effort with. After the feedback he gave me I wanted to be able to work on the improvements and for it to be noticed in class in order to show I had taken his comments on board – so this made me feel very positive!