Una transformación grande

by leighcburrows



Today I had my last contemporary class with Idoya. We started with an improvisation, feeling the movement of our pelvis and the range we have within our hips. Then we worked on the phrases from the last few classes, paying close attention to the use of breath and the openness of our sternum. At the end of the class Idoya spoke to the class letting them know it was our last lesson and we had a photo taken with everyone. The photo was taken by a member of the class.
She said something to me which made me feel very emotional and proud of what I have achieved here.

” I have noticed a very big change in you. At the beginning you were very inside of yourself and now you are like a different person”

This made me feel very touched that Idoya had noticed the transformation I had made. I feel like this journey has taught me so much and positively changed who I am, not only as a dancer but as a person. I feel more mature, determined with my dance training and confident in my own personal strength and ability to do things on my own. When she said this to me it was nice to feel that someone else has faith and sees this change in me too. I hope to meet Idoya and the rest of the teachers in the future as they have taught me so much in the last 4 months and been so welcoming, which I will never forget and I really will be sad to leave.