Me encanta Flamenco!

by leighcburrows

This week I have had my last two days at school. Tomorrow is a public holiday so I will pack and be ready to fly home Thursday morning. Yesterday I had my last Ballet class which was an exam for the students. We went through all the class exercises one after the other and this made me realise the extent of my improvements that I have made during my time here. I remembered the exercises a lot better and managed to incorporate my arms into most of the exercises which is something I never imagined I would do by the time of leaving! I really enjoyed Ballet and will miss it greatly as I feel I have benefitted from such a small class and a patient and helpful teacher. My confidence in the technique has grown and I no longer feel like I am not capable of improving and furthering my Ballet technique and I am excited to continue training back home.

Last night I also went to Flamenco on my own because I will miss Wednesdays class due to Public holiday. The whole class was in Spanish which I enjoyed because it was like a taster of what it may be like if I come back out here on my own to train further. I followed most of the lesson and felt open to asking questions in Spanish.

This morning I had my last Flamenco class with Marta. I felt very sad as I have enjoyed her classes so much but I will never forget this initial Flamenco training and will remember the valuable lessons I have learnt here for the rest of my life, not only in future Flamenco training but in other styles too. Today I also felt the performance element of Flamenco and how emotion can come out in your performance. I felt a real love for the technique and realised how through performing you can feel the passion and get your own emotions out through the performance of the Flamenco movement.

Finally I had my last contemporary technique class with Toni. When saying goodbye he said ‘I like to see people dance my movement not just do it. For me it is Dance and you do this’. I really understood what he meant by this quote as it can be easy to just do the steps in the warm up phrases when you should always be thinking about the dance and performance element, which I have learnt to do a lot more of here.