Born in December 1992, I grew up enjoying swimming, dancing and gymnastics. Like many young girls, I loved nothing more than to create dance routines, get dressed up and perform them to my parents. Therefore, it seemed like the perfect idea to join the Learning Curves Dance after school dance club at my primary school when I was in year 3. It was at this dance class that I was first taught dance and I never looked back. I joined a Friday fun class and started to participate in Freestyle dance competitions around the UK. I performed solo, duet and team routines with the highlight of this time being when I got the chance to compete at Blackpool tower Ballroom aged 11. It was a time of excitement and adventure which introduced me to the thrill of performing in front of larger audiences

Although I loved my time at competitions, I decided I wanted to dance for the enjoyment a little more, without the added pressure of competing so I decided to leave them behind. I wanted to participate in more dance classes at Learning Curves School of dance and decided to take exam classes, working towards twice yearly IDTA freestyle examinations. I also decided to audition for the Mardi Gras team which resulted in 3 years performing at The Royal Albert Hall London (2007, 2008 & 2009). Having enjoyed performing on a world renowned stage, I decided to audition for the JEMz Contemporary team as part of Learning Curves Dance school, and performed at Saddlers Well London in 2010 and 2011. Alongside these performances I also danced in fetes, carnivals, The symphony hall Birmingham and annual dance school shows at The Solihull Arts Complex. These 11 years of training and performing with Learning Curves opened up my eyes to the world of choreography, performing and the enjoyment that you can get out of dance.

When studying at senior school I decided to take Dance at GCSE level. This time introduced me to many contemporary artists and performances, further fuelling my interest and opening up my eyes to the expansive world of dance. Having enjoyed my time at GCSE I decided to take Dance for A-Level when I started 6th form college aged 16. Alongside my dance studies I chose to take Biology, for my keen interest in the body and anatomy; Psychology and Spanish; which I had enjoyed and succeeded in at GCSE. Whilst studying at college my love for the Spanish language grew as well as my ever expanding passion for dance, and I knew that somehow I had to find a way to relate these two subjects somewhere in my future.

In September 2011 I moved to study Dance at Falmouth University, Cornwall. After researching combined degrees with the option of studying Dance and Spanish I decided to focus all of my efforts on improving my dance techniques that I had enjoyed studying at college, in the hope that I could develop my Spanish language at some point in the future. Falmouth has so far bought me many experiences such as performances in the Olympic torch relay ceremony in Falmouth, performing in 3rd year student works and other dance performances both as part of University and externally; including an educational piece created for primary schools and children.

I am currently in my third year working on a Practice in Context module, in which I chose to study on a one semester Erasmus in Valencia. I set this up myself through communications with both Falmouth university and the Conservatorio Superior de Danza en Valencia. I hope that this Erasmus will provide me with many experiences whilst also allowing me to observe and participate in Spanish dance and the spanish way of life. I want to rekindle my love of learning the Spanish language and use my current training from Falmouth to aid my further training in Spain. I will be studying  Ballet, Contemporary and Flamenco in Valencia which I hope will not only challenge me with new ways of training but also widen my dance movement vocabulary and develop my own individual practise and interest in cross-cultural dance .